The Alopecia Free Diet & Detox E-Book (Digital Copy)

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I have suffered with hair loss and alopecia for many years. Even though I successfully found natural ways of growing my hair back I had a constant nagging question of “Why did it fall out in the first place and how can I stop it from falling back out again?” I eventually discovered that I needed to heal my body in order to stop my hair from ever falling out again.

In this book I share the exact steps that I took to heal my body and get rid of alopecia once and for all. I share all the foods that I was able to enjoy and the foods that hurt me the most, which I avoided. I provide you with a detailed guide to help you with easy meal planning, a grocery list, recipes and more.

Through this experience my hair has grown back longer, stronger, thicker and healthier than ever before and these same tips have helped many others to regrow their hair as well.

Dive into this book and join me on this journey to prevent hair loss and regrow your hair.

Length: 96 Pages   

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